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Take back the reins

Do you remember the joy of climbing into the saddle and forgetting your worries, building a relationship with a horse and soaking up the fresh air in the countryside?

Wherever life has taken you, find a little "me time" to rekindle that feeling and Take Back the Reins.

Ladysmith Equestrian is proud to be partnered with this new scheme offering adults only the chance to enjoy horse riding and equestrian activities that fit in with their busy lives.

The opportunity to get back in the saddle and enjoy everything from the freedom of hacking to the buzz of doing your first jumping.

So here is how it works

  • You have decided you need to get back into riding so you come a long for a lesson.
  • During that lesson the instructor will talk with you about your goals and aspirations.
  • After your lesson we will have a clear understanding of what you are looking to achieve and from that we will offer you a program of lessons or hacks that helps you achieve those goals.

Take Your Reins!

Contact us and let us know you want to Take Back the Reins.

Courses starting now!

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