British Horse Society Approved Centre


Adult camps

Want to give your riding a real boost?

Then join in one of our camps. We are running 3 day camps from May to October.

This is a great opportunity to improve your riding, horse management skills, gain confidence, work towards your goals while having fun in great company!

There will be a full and varied program including group lessons, flat work, jumping, hacking along the Ridgeway, stable management, dressage test riding, learning how to lunge and riding demonstrations. The course is planned to cater all levels of experience and abilities.

Learn how to lunge

Beginner guide. Learn how to fit lunging equipment correctly, safe handling of the lunge line and whip, body language and voice commands. How to lunge for exercise and improve your horses schooling. A hands on course where you will watch a short demonstration then it will be your chance to have a go.

Dressage clinics

A course for those who want to learn more about Dressage and the movements required at each level. Whether you are just starting out and want to understand what is required, to those who want to improve your scores and progress to the next level.

  • Walk and Trot/ Prelim Tests - scales of training, school figures, shapes and accuracy.
  • Novice Tests - working towards consistent rhythm and outline, good transitions, medium trot and canter.
  • Elementary and above - leg yield, counter canter, engagement and collection, shoulder in and simple changes.
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